Cordelia is a consultancy.

We are about navigation in technological storms.

Why Cordelia?

The client presented Cordelia with a plan to divide the organisation into three divisions, with himself as part-time chairman supervising the three divisional heads. Cordelia told her client, who happened to be her father and the King, that this was a terrible idea, even though it meant she would not be rewarded with one of the divisions, and would be banished from the business.

We believe that Cordelia is the perfect role model for a consultant, as the only thing a consultant should provide is the truth as they see it.

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Cordelia's Latest Thoughts

Reflections on UK Digital Economy Bill: Keynote speech at the Canadian Film & Television Production Association (CFTPA) 'Prime Time in Ottawa' Conference in Ottawa, on 19 February 2010.

Digital Media: 'Pirate: thief or information freedom fighter' keynote speech in the cross-media themes section of Interactive Ontario's IN09 conference in Toronto, in March 2009.

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Serious Games Summit Report

Serious games are coming of age. As the price of technology drops and computing power increases serious games move from the mainframe and into the office and home.

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